Yet another report on shortage of Certified Truck Drivers


Even the well-renowned Washington Examiner now features articles about the looming crisis about a massive shortage of certified truck drivers.

“America is facing a trucker crisis.  As it readies for the busy holiday delivery season, the industry is expecting to be short about 73,000 long-distance drivers, more than three times the shortage of 2005, and that could lead to delivery delays and higher shipping costs.” This means it is a great time to be a certified truck driver with a CDL license with low supply and high demand, that likely will continue due to a rapidly growing online shopping market that doubles every year right now. writes “In 2014, online shoppers in the U.S. spent $1,611 versus $1,151 in Canada and $1,162 in Europe (translated from British Pounds on June 25). [11] , 60% of adult Americans are happy to know they won’t have to shop in a crowded mall or store. [11], 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores. [13]. More online shopping by both B2C and B2B customers means more shipping and more truck drivers are needed and more will be needed to fill the growth of the demand cuver.

“We can’t get drivers,” said Ken Maschhoff, whose Illinois company, the Maschhoffs Inc., is the nation’s third-largest pork producer. “There is a severe shortage of truck transport drivers.” So now, if ever, is a great time to get your CDL to fill the needs of the rapidly growing transportation and trucking industry. At Daly’s truck driving school you can get your CDL in as little as 15 days at a price that – relative to other truck driving schools we have reviewed – is very affordable. In some cases companies in demand of truck drivers even pay for your education that you have taken and some offer a nice sign-on-bonus. In fact several companies often pay you a lump-sum cash bonus just to take a job with them.  The amount normally depended on your experience and what division they join and also will depend on minimum length of service, miles driven, safety record, etc. Here are some of the other ways you get paid as a truck driver outside your regular salary and sign-on-bonus:

Extra Or if you will: Additional Pay Types For You as Truck Driver  that vary from company to company:

Outside your regular salary, there are many other  perks and  compensation that you as a truck driver can get on top of an already good salary.  Trucking companies and types of driving jobs will be very different, so it’s important for you to choose the truck driving job that best fits your needs and with the right perks.

  • Tarp Pay (for flatbedders), yes not the banking TARP:

    Many trucking/transportation companies will pay you an extra per-load amount for hauling cargo that must be tarped first.

  • Breakdown Pay:

    The carrier will pay you as truck driver if he is delayed due to a truck breakdown, ensuring that you get paid while stranded.

  • Layover Pay:

    If you have a wait or delay between loads may get paid by their company if the delay is beyond the drivers control.

  • Detention Pay:

    Paid when you as driver are waiting around at a shipper or receiver to get loaded or unloaded. Policies vary, but many times cargo carriers will charge the shipper/receiver in cases of specific appointment times.

  • Borough Pay/NYC:

    Since driving a truck in New York City is such a pain, many companies will pay extra to drivers willing to pick up and deliver in the boroughs of The Big Apple.

  • Over-dimensional load pay:

    Pertaining only to flatbed trailers, oversize (or over-dimensional in height, width, or weight) loads generally require another level of attention from the driver, as there are often specialized routes, rules, restrictions and permits involved, as well as “pilot cars” leading the way. Some companies will pay an incentive to drivers willing to take on the responsibility.

  • Fuel Efficiency Bonuses:

    Fuel normally being one of the top 2 expenses for trucking companies, many carriers will reward drivers who use less of it. Maintaining proper air pressure, avoiding “over-revving” and unnecessary idling, using cruise control, and practicing proper shifting techniques are examples of ways drivers can reduce fuel consumption.

    Driver Referral Bonuses:

    Many carriers will give you a bonus for recruiting other truck drivers into the company. It usually depends on the new truck driver staying with the company for a minimum time period, that is often 12 months or more

    • Clean Inspection Bonuses:

      Increasingly popular since the new CSA program went into effect, you as truck driver that  generate “No Violation Found” roadside inspections are often awarded cash bonuses by their employer.

    • On-Time Delivery Bonus:

      While all deliveries are expected to be made on-time, all the time, often companies offer you an incentive to achieve high rates of on-time deliveries.

    Safe Driving Bonus Incentives:

    Many companies will pay flat bonuses to you for being a safe driver, or per-mile bonuses to truck drivers who avoid preventable accidents or loss, or maintain a minimum CSA score.

  • Extra Stop Pay:

    Extra pay given to you as driver for each stop they make on a load with multiple delivery locations. This often applies to local or regional truck drivers, and often excludes the first and last stop.

  • Driver Unload Pay:

    Extra bonus paid to you as truck driver if you are required to physically handle the freight during unloading. Common among local/regional delivery drivers. Could be per stop, per pallet, etc., conditions and terms vary.

  • Canada Miles:

    Some companies offer you as truck driver, extra per-mile pay if the load takes you into, or through, our neighbor to the north, for the hassle of an international border-crossing. As a reminder, these types of routes would require a valid passport for the driver.

  • Refrigerated Miles:

    There is often extra attention to be paid hauling a refrigerated trailer, and some carriers will compensate you as driver, extra for doing it.

  • Hazmat Pay:

    Some companies will give you as truck driver a per mile bonus for hauling HAZMAT cargo, as well as additional Hazmat safety bonuses.

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