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Why get a CDL class B license with Daly’s Truck Driving School?

Daly’s has a vehicle that will allow you to get a CDL class B license with no restrictions. Most of our competitors train you in a bus with an automatic restriction. This means you cannot go to work driving most dump trucks, concrete trucks, and many other class B vehicles. The employers who are hiring require you be able to drive a manual transmission as well as an automatic.
At Daly’s If you want to drive a bus you get your unrestricted license first and then they will get you a passenger endorsement when you start work. If you want to work in the construction industry getting an automatic restriction on your license will only ensure your options are narrowed for employment. Get the maximum benefit out of your class B license with an unrestricted license thru Daly’s Truck Driving School.

In your first three days of training, you can expect to get right to work – in the classroom. There will be a little bit of adjustment for you since most Daly’s students haven’t been in a classroom setting since they finished high school or college.


Your timeline for being ready to pass the permit test is only 3 days. During this time you are also going to be satisfying requirements under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for entry-level driver training in accordance with 49 CFR 380.503. You will also learn about “Highway Watch”, which has been described as: Homeland Security’s program that “uses the skills, experiences and road smarts of America’s transportation workers to help protect this critical infrastructure and the transportation of goods, services and people.”

Your primary objective, however, during these first few days is to become familiar with the Georgia CDL Manual.  As a Class B driver, you will only be required to know two sections of the Georgia CDL: Air Brakes and General Knowledge.

The first items covered in the classroom will be General Knowledge and Air Brakes. We will give you all the information you need to pass the written test and receive your class B permit.

You will take the “permit” test covering general knowledge and air brakes on the third day of schooling at a state testing centre.

The pre-trip inspection must be mastered in order to receive your Class B certification. The Pre-Trip inspection that you will be learning at Daly’s will involve a 35 to 45 minute walk-around of your vehicle. You will be going over your truck with a fine tooth comb touching and identifying parts of the vehicle you didn’t know existed.

Your primary concern here will be the safety of the vehicle.  Do the brakes work?  Are the tires ok?  Do you have enough fuel?  Et cetera. When you actually take the Georgia CDL test, and begin your pre-trip inspection, you will be so glad you decided to attend Daly’s, where the inspection process is thoroughly covered, the way the state examiner expects it done for the test.

During days 4-6, you will mainly be practicing driving and parking. Once you have your permit, you may legally drive with someone who has their Class A or B license. Hence, you will be driving on the school campus, in the city, and on the highway with one of our instructors. In addition, you will be practicing parking – something that will be on the final part of your CDL test. You will learn how to perform an alley dock, a sight side parallel park, a blind side parallel park, and straight line back.

Finally, you will take the CDL test administered by the state. We provide the date and time for this. We also make sure the vehicle is available for you. If you have progressed through our tests, you should have no problem passing theirs.

Daly’s has a very low teacher to student ratios (about 4 to 1) which really gives our students the advantage over other Georgia CDL schools who have no class size limits and start a class every week.

Next, you will cover maneuvering. The 6 maneuvers you will be mastering are:  straight line backing, Offset driver and passenger side, site side parallel, blind side parallel, and alley docking.  During days 6-10 you will do these maneuvers over and over until you are proficient at them.


Full-Time (7a.m. – 5:00p.m. M-F) for 6 days.


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By filling out the pre-application, you will be well on your way to a rewarding and secure career. Our Admissions Specialists will contact you asap. The demand for truck drivers is at an all time high, and this trend is expected to continue well into the next two decades. In addition, first year drivers usually earn $38,000+ and $50,000+ by year 3.

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