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What Can You Do With a CDL?
Navigating Your Path: Choosing the Right Truck Driving School
Getting Your Commercial Driver’s License in Georgia
What’s the Difference Between a Class A CDL and a Class B CDL?
Which is Better for CDL Training? Automatic vs Manual Transmission  
Considering CDL training? Understand the pros and cons of driving a manual versus an automatic transmission.
Looking for Truck Driving Schools?
As far as truck driving schools, there are over 70 in Georgia alone. None of them can boast the same success rates as Daly’s Truck Driving School, though.
Get Your CDL Now
Truck drivers are in demand, and with a deficit of over 50,000 drivers it makes sense to get your commercial driver’s license now and start a new career on the road.
Demand For Qualified Truck Drivers Is Growing Rapidly!
The truck driving industry is expected to be in a shortage of over 73,000 long-distance truck drivers, which is more than three times of truck driver shortage of 2005.
Truck Drivers Make $72,000/year according to CNN
Daly’s Truck Driving School currently offers a 15-Day course for Georgia Class A Commercial Driver’s License and a 6-day course for a Georgia Class B CDL.
Full and Part-time classes are available

* Professional truck drivers earn a mean annual wage of $48,710. The top 10% of truck drivers make more than $69,480 per year according to the 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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